Functional medicine uses a systems approach to understanding and treating diseases. It shifts away from disease-centered thinking and embraces patient-centered perspectives. Functional medicine in Atlanta can include chiropractic therapies in order to diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders through concentrating on the manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine. One of the common conditions that a chiropractor treats is acute low back pain.

help-acute-low-back-pain Functional Medicine in Atlanta: Chiropractic Treatment for Acute Low Back PainCauses and Symptoms of Acute Low Back Pain

Acute low back pain can have different origins. It is frequently caused by an abrupt injury to the back muscles and ligaments. Osteoporosis can cause compression fractures leading to low back pain too. Other possible causes are a ruptured or herniated disk, sciatica, and spinal stenosis.

The symptoms of acute low back pain vary for every person. Some patients experience a burning sensation, while others complain of sharp pain. Pain can be mild, but it can also be severe enough to hinder movement. Discomfort may also be felt in the legs and feet.

Functional Medicine through Chiropractic Treatment

Several studies have shown that chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) can reduce pain and problems with movement for majority of patients with low back pain. Bishop et al. (2010) investigated if full clinical practice guidelines (CPGs)-based study care (SC), under the administration of chiropractors, enhanced functional outcomes better than a family physician–led usual care (UC), when treating acute mechanical low back pain. Using a prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial for patients ages 19 to 59 years old, findings showed lower pain and improved physical functioning for those who received SC.

Another randomized control trial study from Goertz et al. (2013) assessed the pain and physical functioning effects of standard medical care (SMC) only versus SMC plus chiropractic therapy, which aimed to treat low back pain for active-duty military people, aged 18 to 35 years old. Findings showed that CMT plus SMC provided better treatment through higher pain reduction levels and improved functioning compared to standard care alone. These studies showed how functional medicine that integrates standard care and chiropractic treatment improved health outcomes for patients suffering from acute low back pain.

Functional medicine in Atlanta can include a combination of standard care and chiropractic therapy in treating acute low back pain. Patients who already tried traditional treatments, but did not achieve desired results, can opt for alternative care that merges different approaches, in order to enhance physical functioning and decrease overall pain.


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