Regenerative Cell Therapy Alternatives to Surgery Could Be the Future of Orthopedics

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine now offers regenerative cell therapies to residents of Columbus, Ohio. Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, and adipose cell therapy are just two of the cutting-edge regenerative therapies now offered.

Going through regenerative cell therapy can mean diminished pain and less physical limitations, free of the need for invasive surgeries like joint replacements.

DM_03242016_1308-300x200 The Future of Orthopedics Might Not Include Surgery Anymore in Columbus, OHThe use of regenerative cells, either alone or in conjunction with various surgical procedures, is a field of expertise called regenerative medicine.

This field has grown quite a bit in terms of being able to regenerate and repair musculoskeletal tissue that has suffered damage.

There are few prestigious orthopedic practices now routinely using regenerative cell therapy in their various treatment protocols.

Painful musculoskeletal conditions previously required surgical treatments, but regenerative cell usage proves to be a natural alternative that is far less invasive.

EIM proudly offers this tremendous service to its clients and patients.

Over the last decade, a lot of research has happened in terms of using adult regenerative cells for the treatment of orthopedic conditions, both with and without surgery.

Regenerative cell therapy uses an underlying principle wherein a patient’s very own regenerative cells get introduced into a part of their body that has suffered damage so that damaged tissue can be regenerated.

Tissue regeneration can happen because of mesenchymal regenerative cells. This kind of cell is located within the bone marrow; they’re unspecialized and even primitive cells which can sort themselves into specific types, like cartilage, tendons, and bones.

Rather than just repair the existing tissue damage, regenerative cell therapy is an attempt at regeneration, so that damage is not just repaired, but there is also the growth of new and healthy tissue.

Treating a patient’s orthopedic conditions using regenerative cells involves transplanting their own cells from one part of their body to another. Mesenchymal stems cells can be harvested from either the bone marrow or sometimes even a patient’s fatty tissue.

Tissue rejection isn’t possible thanks to this, as it can be when an allogeneic transplant of donor tissue happens. Cells get extracted and then concentrated before they are reintroduced through an injection into the damaged tissue.


Regenerative Cell Therapy Can Address Many Orthopedic Conditions

-Bone loss

-Knee cartilage damage

-Spinal degenerative disc disease


-Tears in ligaments and tendons

-Meniscus tears in either knees


It wasn’t that long ago that regenerative cell therapies for orthopedic injuries and diseases were onlSprains-And-Strains-293x300 The Future of Orthopedics Might Not Include Surgery Anymore in Columbus, OHy enjoyed by professional athletes, given the prohibitive costs and expenses involved.

However, consistent patient outcomes have shown orthopedic surgeons that procedures using regenerative cells are very successful for those who didn’t respond as hoped to traditional treatments like physical therapy and rest.

Regenerative cell therapy offers tremendous pain relief across enough patients to the point that surgery isn’t the only option available anymore.

Regenerative cell therapies are exciting new avenues into how musculoskeletal conditions get treated. It’s crucial to note that not every patient is a candidate for such a procedure.

If you have an orthopedic condition or sports injury that won’t respond well to conservative treatment options, contact us for a consultation about your regenerative cell therapy options.

It might just change your life for the better without involving surgery.

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