Your back’s health is important to your overall health if only for the fact that it’s crucial to your mobility. The spinal cord is the central highway for signals coming to and from the brains and nerves, which allow you to do even the simplest actions,

Because of the load that it carries, however, the back becomes vulnerable to fatigue and daily wear and tear. Even when you’re sitting down, you can still experience pain and discomfort if don’t use the correct posture.

back-and-nexk-pain-relief Health Benefits  From Regular Visits To Your Chiropractor

Back Pain is Increasingly Common

This condition can easily range from being only mildly annoying to downright debilitating. In fact, not only is it considered to be the leading cause of disability worldwide, it’s also found that it costs Americans some $50 billion each year in treatments and medication.

Sometimes, however, even the strongest medications prove to be no match for the constant pain. Medications would simply relieve pain for brief periods of brief time. For real healing or treatment to occur, the actual cause of the problem must be addressed.

Chiropractic Care

Where medication fails, spinal manipulation resolves. Chiropractic care has been found by various studies to be really effective in easing low back pain and improving physical function. In fact, no less than The Spine Journal had lauded the success rate of back pain treatment methods. 56% of those who went to the doctor experienced a reduction in low back pain by as much as 30% in four weeks’ time. However, up to 94% of those who had manual-thrust manipulation experienced the same reduction during the same time period.

Other than that, spinal manipulation has been known to relieve neck pain and even headaches. Pinched nerves can easily be brought about by misalignment in the spine, which can then lead to pain shooting to different parts of the body. Through chiropractic joint manipulation, the pinched nerve is released, thereby easing the pressure that causes the pain.

Beyond the more obvious benefits from chiropractic care are a host of other health benefits, such as treatment of colic, ear infection, stabilization of blood pressure, and relieving frozen shoulders. Chiropractic care may also prevent the need for surgery to address back problems.

Those who experience chronic back and neck pain can do with some chiropractic care, and facilities like Superior Healthcare Group offer this treatment. A chiropractor can help you get rid of aches and pains without the need for surgery or medications.


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