As it has been linked to a number of serious and life-threatening conditions, obesity in itself can actually be seen as a genuine disease. Several scientific studies showed consistent strong link between obesity and lower back pain. This is because your spine is designed to carry a specific weight and help equally distribute your total mass, both at rest and while moving. Being overweight puts stress on your lumbar spine, since it is being forced to carry a weight that far exceeds its acceptable limit.

This is why majority of medical experts advise their patients to try medical weight loss as a viable solution and preventative measure against the possibility of suffering back pains.

effective-solution-to-back-pain Medical Weight Loss: A Viable Solution to End Chronic and Acute Pains

How Medical Weight Loss Helps Prevent and Control Back Pains

According to the American Obese Society, the most commonly reported downside of obesity is musculoskeletal-related pain and diseases. Women, in particular, are in greater risk of suffering lower back pain since the excess weight in their stomachs tend to pull their pelvis forward, which eventually stresses the lower back area.

Overweight patients are thereby advised to undergo medical weight loss to ease the stress their spine experiences. You have to take note, though, that the process of medical weight loss is pretty much different from simply ingesting a diet pill or undergoing surgeries to get rid of the fat.

A typical medical weight loss program focuses on weight management rather than losing weight per se. It takes into account your body’s metabolism and body fat percentage to come up with a personalized program that works for you. The significant loss of those unwanted pounds is just a happy side-effect of this procedure.

How Medical Weight Loss Experts Can Help

Aside from potentially damaging your spine, obesity can aggravate other serious illnesses such as arthritis, sciatica (leg pain), and nerve pains. Losing some of that unwanted weight can help lessen the burden on your spine, joints, ligaments, leg muscles, and nerves from the lower waist area. If you want to undertake a truly effective weight loss program, consult with a medical professional. They will come up with a program that suits your particular condition so you can lose weight safely and permanently.

While exercising can certainly help lose the unwanted pounds, you still need to consult a professional as you might end up aggravating your lower back pain by doing the wrong exercise program.

Furthermore, an expert can help create a diet menu that would suit your current medical condition. After all, there are certain foods that might be good for some, but are totally lethal for others (e.g. extreme allergy to gluten-based food). Just like in everything else, it’s far better to be safe than sorry and consult with a professional to effectively lose weight and cure your lower back pains.


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