Treating Eye Disorders using Regenerative Cells in Atlanta, GA

Eyes enable us to see things around us, discover the light from our surroundings and send the data that is discovered to our brains. Having eye disorders will end all of it.

Our eyes have an intricate structure which comprises of different parts that perform specific functions. Major parts of the eyes include lens, cornea, retina, retinal pigment epithelium and optic nerve.

Eye disorders occur when the eyes stop working properly or when any parts of the eyes are injured.


medic-176-588-690 How Regenerative Cells Can Be Used to Cure Eye Disorders

The fact that it is hard to acquire that new biological part of the eye has made the treatment of eye conditions challenging.

This is where regenerative cells can help.



Regenerative cells are similar to a group of cells that are new and specialized and can be used to replace aberrant or injured cells in the eyes.

Currently, no therapy can be used to treat neurodegenerative eye conditions. However, the fact that a Regenerative cell transplant can invigorate damaged cells is an enormous appeal.


Regenerative Cells Can Be a Source of Lots of Transplantable Cells That Can Treat Eye Conditions

Regenerative cell therapy can be used for a corneal transplant. It has the ability to safeguard neurons in our eyes. Neurons are vital for vision.

It has been proven that regenerative cell therapy can help those dealing with conditions related to retinal deteriorating by production growth factors in a neuropil that is injured or through the replacement of the lost eye cells.

These therapies have given hope to those people dealing with eye problems that they will regain their vision.

Regenerative cells are full of growth factors which can be pigmented with retinal pigment epithelium features.

storyblocks-too-many-duties-for-one-person_Hwl12b1Fcf How Regenerative Cells Can Be Used to Cure Eye DisordersWith good growth factors, Muller cells can change into retinal nerve cells. Regenerative cells are usually the trusting cells in our bodies.

It is possible to supervise those regenerative cells that are detached from our bodies to be optic nerves, corneal cells, eye’s muscle cells, photoreceptor cells, or photoreceptor cells to continue normal eye functioning.


Regenerative cell therapy can benefit those dealing with molecular deterioration.

Research is still being done regarding how this therapy can help those suffering from vision loss.

Regenerative cells profiteering still requires a full understanding of important regulators in photoreceptor differentiation pathway.


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