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Intolerance vs. Sensitivity

300 Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Health professionals and doctors at Superior Healthcare make use of food-sensitivity tests to find out about a patients potential allergies or sensitivities to specific food types. When the human body is not able to metabolize specific types of foods, then these food types are called “trigger foods.” Trigger foods are able to result in various types of health conditions that can include some of the following:

Weight-gain Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Weight gain

Migraines-and-headaches Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Migraines and headaches

Allergic-Responses Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Allergic Responses

Fatigue-or-Sleeplessness Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Fatigue or Sleeplessness

Attention-Deficit-Disorder Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Attention Deficit Disorder

Arthritis Food & Environmental Allergy Testing


Digestive-Issues Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Digestive issues

Fatigue-Food-Allergy Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Fatigue Food-Allergy

Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

300 Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Are Allergies Described As An Intolerance Or Sensitivity?

There is a significant difference when it comes to being intolerant, sensitivity and having an allergy to something. The symptoms linked with allergies, intolerance’s and sensitivities have the ability to impact on a person’s health as well as their quality-of-life. Correct laboratory tests can provide you with the right information as well as give you the information on what food types to avoid. However, you may not be aware on what type of test you should be ordering. You may need a test for gluten intolerance or gluten-allergy. Or perhaps you may know that you have a sensitivity or food allergy to specific types of coloring’s, additives or spices.

The test part is easy but it is more important to ensure you are obtaining the correct lab tests for your symptoms or needs. In order to assist you in making the correct decision ask one of our medical assistants to assist you with our available ANY LAB TEST NOW. Alternatively you can make use of our provided Road Map Of Symptoms that can direct you in choosing the best testing option. Some of these include an IgE or an IgG allergy test or the ALCAT lab tests aimed at intolerance’s and sensitivities

ALCAT Testing For Intolerance’s And Sensitivities

IgG and IgE tests have been proven to be effective only if your body has received a recent exposure to an irritant which means the antibody can be found. ALCAT testing is able to detect a sensitivity or intolerance regardless of when the body was exposed. In these tests the blood samples will be exposed to common types for irritants. The cells are then studied in order to measure the reaction in the body.

alcat Food & Environmental Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing IgE

An allergy will occur when the body has been exposed to a food or something that it has decided it harmful and then produces antibodies in order to protect itself from any future exposures. When the body has been exposed a second time it will release histamines that are what result in allergic reaction symptoms.

The majority of these symptoms are typically mild such as watery eyes or sneezing while a few can be deadly and result in anaphylactic shock. The most popular test for these allergy types is the IgE tests. These particular tests find immunoglobulin “e” traces inside the blood and are able to pinpoint an offending element.

In some cases the human body will not react well when it has been exposed to and offending element, however, the effects are not immediate but rather cumulative. This is when the body has produced antibodies but the symptoms take some time to appear. These symptoms usually include weight gain, headaches, joint pain and digestive issues. The typical test for this type of allergy scenario would be the IgG tests. This test finds immunoglobulin “g” traces inside the blood and is able to pinpoint offending elements.

Food sensitivity tests are a basic blood analysis that identifies any food sensitivities in patients. This allows for a way to create a well-balanced, healthy eating plan which eliminates the trigger foods. The goal is aimed at restoring health to patients as well as the health of the digestive and immune system.

These simple tests can identify what may be causing aggravating symptoms. And put an end to your suffering.


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