Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

What is Hashimoto's Disease
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Do You Have Any Of These Symptoms?

  • Fatigue / Sluggishness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hear Loss
  • Brain Fog
  • Loss of Focus
  • Weight gain despite diet & exercise
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased sensitivity to cold
  • Constipation
  • Pale, dry skin
  • A puffy face
  • Brittle nails
  • Enlargement of the tongue
  • Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Muscle weakness

If the answer to one or more of these is Yes, then the information on this page may well be the answer you’ve been looking for!

What is an Auto-Immune Disease?

Below are two videos from Julia Thorne, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, one of our specialists. In the first video, Julia explains what an auto-immune disease is. In the second video, she talks about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is and how this particular auto-immune disease can affect the thyroid.

How Does An Autoimmune Disease Work?

Autoimmune-virus-attacking-blood-cell-300 Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Treatment  CopyWherever a cell is in the body, it must function properly and look like a healthy cell to our immune system, which is designed to attack and destroy cells that do not act or look healthy. A good healthy cell is going to be nice and round, not misshapen, with a nice solid membrane. When there is an autoimmune condition, some of these healthy cells are getting tagged as “unhealthy” or even “intruders” that should not be there.

There are several causes for this. First, they can be tagged when they aren’t properly processing energy entering in the form of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The second thing that may happen is toxic build up within the cells. Those toxins have to be able to exit the cell. If they can’t get out, either because the cell wall is misshapen or because there is too much built up, the toxins remain stuck inside the cells. This will not only cause the cell to become misshapen, but also to be full of toxic debris.

The immune system is seeking out these types of cells and tagging them for removal as “unhealthy”. They don’t look like the rest of the body’s healthy cells and so the body attacks them, which is where “autoimmunity” comes from. Simply put, too little energy coming into the cell and too few toxins going out can create an auto-immune reaction.

There are many factors in how energy is created, how is it utilized, where we get it, and how we get good quality energy in while getting the toxins out. Treatment options are based on the premise that making every cell able to work properly will fix the issue. It is vital that the body is fueled by good quality energy. If the cell membrane is not receptive to the supplied energy, the energy will be deflected by the affected cells. This obviously leads to malnourished and unhealthy cells, which are then tagged for destruction.

The second part of treatment is detoxification. There are many different ways we can detoxify the cell and get it transitioned back into a healthy cell again. Some of these treatments are discussed in detail below.

For unknown reasons, autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more common. According to recent studies made by the medical community, at least 15 million people suffer from autoimmune diseases and this represents a full 8% of the population. Somewhere between 1-2% of the population is affected by Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in the US. The condition is much more common in women than in men, which is likely due to differences in hormone production. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is suspected to be the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the US.

The Thyroid is the key…

thyroid-diagram-400-300x180 Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Treatment  CopyThe thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in the body. It is responsible for regulating numerous hormones in the body that are responsible for metabolism and energy. It also helps to control a number of bodily functions, including growth and development, reproductive health, metabolism, libido, mood and brain functionsEvery cell in the body has thyroid hormone receptors. These receptors tell the body how to use its energy. When there is a problem with the thyroid, it will often have an effect on many or even all parts of the body.

It’s estimated that over 90% of all thyroid disorders are caused by some form of autoimmune disease!

Taking Thyroid Meds But Still Feel Awful?

You may have seen an endocrinologist and they diagnosed you with hypothyroidism. You probably expected to experience some relief once you began treatment, but your negative symptoms haven’t disappeared. You did everything you were supposed to, and yet you’re not feeling better. You took the medicine you were prescribed, maybe changed your diet, all as instructed. The doctor probably did a follow up thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test and your levels quite possibly may have shown improvement…

So, why do you still feel miserable?

Though prescription medication often helps people who are diagnosed with Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism to find some relief, it doesn’t help everyone— maybe it hasn’t helped you. Thankfully, doctors have found that there is another possible cause for your symptoms. It still involves your thyroid gland, but instead of being caused by the thyroid, it happens when the thyroid is being attacked by the body’s own immune system.

We’re talking about an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis). Hashimoto’s causes the immune system to target the thyroid, which is a butterfly shaped gland that can be found at the base of the throat beneath the Adam’s apple. As a key player in the endocrine system, the thyroid produces important hormones that affect almost every cell in the body. Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid produces too few thyroid hormones. More often than not, it is caused by Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

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What is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?

diagnosis Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Treatment  CopyThere are currently over 190 autoimmune conditions that have been properly identified and more are being discovered each day. In the case of an autoimmune disease, the body’s immune system doesn’t recognize its own tissues and thinks that the body is being threatened. The type of disease diagnosed depends on what part of the body the immune system doesn’t recognize and attacks. When the immune system attacks muscle tissue, the condition is called multiple sclerosis and it’s treated by a neurologist. When the immune system attacks the gastrointestinal (GI) system the condition it’s called Crohn’s or Celiac Disease and a gastroenterologist would be the proper specialist. However, if the immune system has begun attacking the thyroid, the condition is known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis also called Hashimoto’s Disease, thyroiditis, or simply “Hashimoto’s,” and it is typically treated by an endocrinologist.

Hashimoto’s Disease is the most common form of thyroid disorder in the US with over 14 million people suffering from its effects! 

Now that we see all these different diagnoses and the systems that they can affect, you may be wondering how you got an autoimmune disease and why your body is attacking itself? The answer comes down to the cellular level. Every body is made up of cells. Every cell and cell membrane requires energy to operate and function properly.

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Our immune systems are usually very good at keeping us healthy. When a foreign object is recognized, such as bacteria or viruses, the immune system sends an army of antibodies to attack those foreign objects and keep us healthy. But sometimes the immune system goes into attack mode against something that is not a foreign object; in the case of Hashimoto’s, it attacks the thyroid gland. In patients who are suffering from Hashimoto’s disease, antibodies react against proteins in the thyroid gland, gradually killing thyroid cells. In the early stages of Hashimoto’s disease, patients may experience few or no symptoms. But as thyroid cells are damaged during each autoimmune attack, those cells release their stored thyroid hormones. This causes the patient’s thyroid hormone levels to be temporarily high, resulting in symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as panic attacks, anxiety, a fast heartbeat, sweating, shaking hands, diarrhea, and quick weight loss. This is also known as Hashitoxicosis.

Once a significant number of thyroid cells have been destroyed, the patient becomes “hypothyroid”, and will need to be on lifelong medication.

Understanding Some of the Underlying Causes of Hyperthyroidism

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Gluten is one of the biggest health issues facing the human race. The grains we have now have been modified and hybridized, which can wreak havoc on your body. The immune system is activated and begins attacking healthy tissues within the body. It can cause leaky gut syndrome that allows waste and food particles to enter the bloodstream. This can cause chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders. When the body mistakenly attacks tissues in the body because they appear similar to detrimental molecules, it is referred to as molecular mimicry.

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Leaky Gut Syndrome

The intestinal walls contain minute holes that allow the body to absorb nutrients. Things such as gluten, infections, stress, toxins and medications can damage the lining and create larger holes that allow food particles, toxins and waste product to enter the bloodstream. This can lead to chronic, systemic inflammation which can lead to a number of autoimmune disorders. In order to protect your health, you must heal your gut so your body can heal itself.

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Mercury is a heavy metal that can damage or alter the cells in your body. When these cells become damaged, the immune system can view them as foreign invaders, allowing the immune system to attack your own organs. Those with higher mercury exposure are at an increased risk of developing an autoimmune disorder, such as autoimmune thyroid disease.

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Infections, including the Epstein-Barr virus and viruses in the herpes family can cause autoimmune disorder and lead to inflammation and molecular mimicry.

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Iodine is important to thyroid functions. Too little iodine in the diet can cause hypothyroidism; however, too much iodine can cause hyperthyroidism. When more iodine is available in the body, the thyroid gland can begin producing massive amounts of thyroid hormone. Those who consume a low sodium diet and suddenly consume iodine-rich foods can experience an overactive thyroid.

Once the immune system stops attacking those unhealthy cells, most people experience a significant reduction (and often a complete reversal) of the autoimmune disease they’ve been struggling with.

How is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosed and treated?

In the two videos below, Julia explains what will happen when you visit the office, and what we do to diagnose Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in our patients.


A Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism diagnosis occurs based on lab results and symptoms. A blood test that shows high TSH levels can help determine if a patient is suffering from hypothyroidism. TSH is the substance used by the body to tell the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones. High levels of thyroid antibodies can point towards a Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism diagnosis. The presence of these antibodies alerts the doctor to the fact that the immune system is attacking the thyroid glands. To understand how your thyroid functions, check out a Complete Thyroid Profile.

The immune system produces antibodies that work against thyroid peroxidase (TPO) and thyroglobulin (Tg) in patients suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. TPO is used by the body to place iodine inside the thyroid hormone molecule. Tg is a protein used to create thyroid hormones. Antibodies of the proteins show that the immune system is damaging the thyroid gland. Finding these antibodies in lab work can help to diagnose an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

Five Ways to Improve Your Hashimoto’s

  • Dietary Modifications 

  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

  • Microcurrent Machine Treatment

  • Oxygen & Vibration Therapy

  • Nutritional Supplements

Proper Nutrition Helps Rest the Immune System

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Eating a healthy diet filled with nutritious foods can help decrease systemic inflammation, nutritional imbalances and digestive dysfunction. Opting for an anti-inflammatory diet reduces inflammation in the body. Eating inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy and cross-reactive foods suppress the thyroid gland and stop it from functioning properly.

An anti-inflammatory diet normalizes thyroid hormones, lowers glucose levels and increases energy, which helps to improve your metabolic processes, increase clarity and improve mood. An anti-inflammatory diet should include:

  • Non-starchy fruits and vegetables, including green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits and berries. 
  • Lean proteins like legumes, nuts, organic meats and fish. 
  • Healthy fats such as flax seed oil, coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, fatty fish (salmon, herring and trout), avocados and seeds. 

Toxins caused by environmental exposure can suppress your thyroid. Toxins that can harm the thyroid gland include pesticides, medications (anti-inflammatory drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, diabetic medications and antibiotics), heavy metals and plastic compounds (PCBs and dioxins).  By limiting the environmental toxins in the home and workplace can help significantly improve your thyroid functions.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

With PEMF therapy, we use a device that allows us to change how the cells in your body magnetize together and process energy stored by the body. Similar to bumper boats in a pool, healthy cells bump off each other nicely because they have nice round cellular walls and they don’t stick together. In the case of inflammation and chronic diseases like Hashimoto’s, the cells don’t bounce off of each other. They wedge and stick together, overlapping and forming clumps. This causes the immune system to think they’re damaged and it begins attacking them to eliminate them from the body. This clumping together is caused by improper polarization (magnetization) of the cells. PEMF treatment actually changes how the cells are polarized and how they move together. In this non-invasive, painless treatment you will sit comfortably in a chair, on a mat connected to a device that delivers magnetic therapy simply by contact. An electromagnetic field will be emitted from the mat, causing cells that have gotten clumped together to spring back into a healthy, bouncy state. PEMF is a great way to maximize cellular energy processed by the cells and get them working properly again.

Microcurrent Machine Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

A Microcurent machine is a small box that is attached to two small electrode patches that you wear on the area to be treated. Unlike the TENS units that you may have used in the past to relieve pain by sending a mild shock to the nerves, these currents are so weak that you generally won’t feel anything at all (thus the “micro” part of the name). However, microcurrent treatment deals with the actual charge of each cell.

Every cell in your body communicates similarly to a circuit on a circuit board. Each cell has an electrical charge and functions optimally at a certain energy level or current. Disease and inflammation can cause disturbances in the electrical currents of the cells within specific organs. In the case of Hashimoto’s that would mean the cells in your thyroid.

And when the cells stop looking and operating in a normal way, that’s when your immune system begins to attack!

The microcurrent machine is ideal for targeting a very specific organ at the cellular energy level. As we reset that current, it allows the cells to function properly, reversing the damage and repairing the cell function.

When the electrical currents of the targeted cells are returned to normal, the cells and organ begin to function properly again and the immune system will stop attacking it.

The microcurrent machine is a revolutionary tool that sets our treatment options apart. Very few medical practices across the country have the equipment, the training, and the ability to have such specific programming in their Microcurrent machines that allow us to address the cells at that level.

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Oxygen & Vibration Therapy

We are exposed to toxins in the air every day. Smoke, pollen, pollution, and other things that get in in our lungs prevent us from having proper oxygen exchange. Giving your body good clean oxygen, especially when coupled with vibration therapy, will give the cells immediate help. It’s kind of like CPR for your cells.

The oxygen is delivered via a small tube placed under your nose, like you sometimes see with patients in the hospital. And we’ll have you stand on a vibration platform that’s set to different frequencies to encourage the cells, the muscles, and the bones in your body to receive that oxygen more effectively.

This is another critical component of turning unhealthy cells back into healthy ones. And once the cells are restored to health, the immune system will stop attacking them.

Nutritional Supplements

If you have a thyroid deficiency, your doctor may suggest thyroid hormone supplementation to decrease your symptoms and help improve your thyroid functions. The doctor may use these thyroid hormones as he/she determines and addresses the underlying causes of your Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

If you have any nutritional deficiencies, you may need to take nutritional supplements to ensure the body is receiving the nutrients it needs to function properly, including vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E, omega-3 fatty acids, L-tyrosine and iron, copper, selenium and zinc.  Fatty acids are used as precursors to hormones, so it is vital that you include healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, fatty acids and olive oil in your diet.

The research is clear that if the cells in your body are not functioning properly and able to receive the nutrients to begin with, then it doesn’t matter how many pills and potions you swallow, they’re just going to be flushed down the drain (literally!) without having any effect.

However, along with the above-mentioned therapies to prepare your cells and organs to be able to actually take in the nutrients, we will recommend some very high quality and very usable supplements that your body can actually take in and get immediate benefit from.

These supplements will obviously depend on your lab work. We need to look at the vitamins and nutrients that your cells are not effectively processing. Are you not processing protein properly? Are you low on vitamin B12? Are you low on vitamin D? These things will be determined by what your lab work (blood test) says. So the supplements will vary from person to person and are very individualized based on your specific symptoms and situation.

Here again, the goal is to restore healthy function to the cells and organs in your body so that your immune system will stop attacking the “unhealthy” cells.

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When the root causes of Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are dealt with, your energy levels, sleep patterns, libido and vitality improve. Your digestive system will begin working better, your hormones will become balanced, you’ll regain control of your weight, and your brain function will improve.

What are the benefits of having my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis treated?

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Regain your peace of mind
Our testing & analysis procedures go far beyond what you will get at a typical endocrinologist appointment. Our testing protocols will give you peace of mind by finally determining if you are suffering from Hashimoto’s Disease or a related autoimmune disorder.

Treat and remove the underlying causes of Hashimoto’s – not just masking the symptoms
Most doctors will just prescribe a traditional thyroid medication that will simply mask the symptoms rather than treat the underlying causes of your autoimmune disorder.

Avoid harmful medications
Some of these medications are actually harmful and can result on bone loss and heart rhythm disorders!

Avoid needing to be on prescription medication for the rest of your life
Once you start on traditional thyroid medications, you are going to need them for the rest of your life.

Put your mind at ease with a proven, safe and holistic approach to healing
Our team of medical doctors, functional medicine experts and nutritionists will give you a comprehensive treatment program using safe and holistic remedies and proper nutrition that will actually treat and remove the underlying causes of the autoimmune disorder to bring the thyroid function back to normal without costly and dangerous medications that must be taken for the rest of your life.

Total Body Health and Wellness
Our methodology also simultaneously treats a host of related health problems that will lead to other physiological disorders. Because we are also treating the host of underlying problems that are causing your Hashimoto’s Disease (nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, sluggish livers, leaky guts, inflammation, etc.) the benefit to your overall health and wellness cannot be overstated.

Look and Feel 10 Years Younger
With more energy and fewer aches and pains, not to mention being able to lose weight, grow your hair back and think more clearly! All of those nasty symptoms that are ruining your life will be gone!

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