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Regardless of whether you are looking to lose a few inches of fat around the waist or several pounds overall, Elite Integrated Medical is here to provide some guidance on how to reach these weight loss goals.  While it is understood that obesity continues to be a significant health factor in Georgia and throughout the USA, the team at Elite Integrated Medical offer innovative weight loss programs focusing on medical weight loss in Atlanta such as the HCG Diet.

Currently, we have developed a program that has proven to help a person lose weight speedily, effectively, and most importantly, safety.  Yes, we acknowledge that the problem most people have with diets is the inability to keep the weight off; therefore, we don’t stop at losing weight but assist the person in keeping the fat off through a process of coaching and education.

Working as medical professionals, the team at Elite Integrated Medical identifies the importance of positive nutrition and exercise as part of the weight loss procedure; but, once again, we also recognize that eating well and exercising can be difficult to maintain.  As part of our medical weight loss programs, we are aiming to provide extra motivation to achieve weight loss goals by beginning weight loss on a program with speedy results.

Sandy Springs, GA has been served by Elite Integrated Medical for almost two decades. With a goal to help patients lead a healthier and happier life by assisting them in their quest to lose weight and stay in shape and lose weight, as well as helping patients deal with chronic and acute pain. The goal of our medical team is to combine a variety of very effective weight loss programs as well as functional and regenerative medicines and pain management plans to help alleviate pain and get you back on the road to a healthier life.

With a dedicated team of doctors, nurse practitioners, sports injury specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors, Elite Integrated Medical is working to help reduce your weight and eliminate pain by giving you a healthier and happier life.


300 Medical Weight Loss

To ensure the Atlanta weight loss programs meet your specific weight loss needs, the professional team at Elite Integrated Medical includes a comprehensive physical evaluation for any individual beginning their weight loss program. This evaluation allows the program to be tailored to meet all the specific needs helping you obtain your desired overall weight using the correct strategies. The powerful strategies used in this program include:

1. Diet Coaching And Nutritional Education

Diet-Coaching-300x300 Medical Weight LossAs part of the diet coaching and nutritional education program strategy, the professional health coach will meet you to determine your particular needs and assist in achieving your overall weight loss goals. For example, meetings will be completed each week to ensure you are following the program and “eating clean” by reviewing the hydration and food journals.

While the physical aspect of dieting is important, the mental aspect is equally as significant. To deal with this vital feature, the professional coaches will discuss your mental situation and strengths; thereby, determining where you may need assistance with your lifestyle change with regards to mental support. This support process will provide you with an accountability partner including external support systems assisting you through the program. Of course, moving through the program is trying but the last phase can be the most complicated and difficult. The team at Elite Integrated Medical has accounted for this issue and coaches provide mental support to prepare you for the final phase of the program helping adopt the permanent change of weight loss.

As is mentioned, all the weight loss programs offered will begin with a comprehensive and personalized evaluation. The evaluation requires a full session with trained professionals discussing your physical habits, weight loss goals, and mental health state. From this evaluation, it will be possible for the professionals to create or develop a tailored nutrition plan structured to meet the specific goals using coaching and regular assessments. The regular assessments are essential as they will assist in defining your progress and helping you keep on track to meet the weight loss goals.

2. The Weight Loss Exercise Program

Process-Works Medical Weight LossProper and sufficient amounts of exercise are vital to any effective weight loss program; however, it is as important that the exercise routine is beneficial to your body’s functioning and capacities. To ensure the routines do not only help with weight loss but also take into account the person’s health and mental anxiety levels, it is necessary for the trained coach to develop a suitable personalized plan. When entering the exercise phase of the developed program, it will be necessary for the coach to meet with you and discuss your prior and present exercise or activity level. This will be useful in determining your level of activity and how much exercise can be provided during the first phase.

As part of the weight loss exercise program strategy, it will be necessary for the individuals completing the overall program to attend daily exercise classes. The classes include specific workouts to assist in weight loss; however, they will also provide support for mental health difficulties that the client may be experiencing including feelings of loneliness or frustration. To improve the situation, the classes often provide senses of community among clients and offer support with a transition from a non-active to fully active and functioning lifestyle. Of course, exercise routines are not suitable for individuals who are suffering from injuries as this can reduce results and increase the injury. To determine whether or not the exercise program is suitable for your needs, the team will offer an assessment of the person’s physical activity level and abilities.

3. The HGC Diet

HGC-Diet-300x300 Medical Weight LossOne factor that must be considered when looking at weight loss is the naturally occurring hormone known as HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is highly efficient with regards to the fat burning procedure and is beneficial in weight reduction. It can also be useful when stabilizing stress hormones due to the level of cortisol. HCG should be discussed as it is utilized as part of the HCG diet and weight loss program at Elite Integrated Medical with outstanding results.


300 Medical Weight Loss

Originally developed by the medical professional A.T.W. Simeons, the HCG diet was initially utilized to assist clinically obese patients to experience fast weight loss returning to a safe weight zone avoiding serious medical health conditions. After over 40 years of research and in excess of one thousand cases, Dr. Simeons’ studies eventually formulated into the concept of the weight loss program known as the HCG diet. The tenet behind this concept was to create a diet that promoted healthy implementations of weight loss instead of the cosmetic trend diets operating in the media. His findings are documented in medical journals worldwide with the HCG diet being noted as a method of promoted a healthier lifestyle through the careful consideration of food portions and the nutritious assessments of food.

How does the HCG diet actually work?

300 Medical Weight Loss

Basically, the HCG diet requires a combination of daily injections with a low calorie diet as a means of resetting an individual’s metabolism; thus, aiding in speedy weight loss. To fully comprehend the results and operation of this particular diet, it is important to understand that there are various types of fat in the body and each has a different function.

Structural Fat

This type of fat surrounds the body’s vital organs and supports the smoothness of the individual’s skin; it is also the fat that can be found on the bottom of an individual’s feet.  Structural fat does not cause obesity.

Normal Fat

This fat is the form of fat that acts as a fuel source for the body when energy is required. It is located throughout the body and, while being across the body, it is not responsible for the presentation of obesity.

Abnormal Fat

The abnormal fat type is the form that presents as fatty deposits and accumulates in the “unwanted fat places” when a person has gained weight. It is this type of fat that will contribute to obesity.

weight-loss-road Medical Weight LossWhen the calories in the body are severely restricted, without the HCG hormone, the body will burn normal fat initially followed by structural fat. It is only once these two forms of fat have been utilized and expired that the body will look to burn the abnormal fat. By this time, the dieter may feel unwell and will typically have abandoned the diet.

The HCG hormone is a water-based hormone most commonly produced by females during pregnancy and, during this time, a female is able to tap into the abnormal fat reserves within their body. In this situation, the abnormal fat reserves tend to operate as a fuel for the body protecting the structural fat type. This is a defense strategy in order for the mother to protect her personal vital organs against the fetus during pregnancy.

As a hormone, and as has been mentioned, HCG can be very effective for weight loss; however, to be effective it must be used in very low doses. Females in stages of pregnancy will most commonly produce as much as one million international units of this hormone on a daily basis; therefore the diet injection should be 125 international units per day. When used at low doses, the HCG injection is unlikely to increase fertility; however, weight loss has in previous studies been noted to increase fertility when using the HCG injection. In fact, studies have shown that while on HCG females have shown false positive pregnancy results.

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