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Physical Rehabilitation

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Elite Integrated Medical prides itself on the ability to restore the spines and bodies of our patients so that they are able to live a pain-free life. Our goal is to provide holistic and natural pain management with traditional medicine that will meet each patient’s individual needs.

From the very first call to our center right through the end of the treatment, you will know that you are getting the best care. We aim to create a personalized care plan that is designed to bring relief to each patient quickly and help keep them pain-free for an extended amount of time.

One of the first steps at the center is an assessment of your condition. Once we know the cause of your pain as well as the extent of it, we begin by creating a personalized treatment program that will enhance the speed of your recovery. Our number one priority is to relieve any inflammation and be able to treat your injury with medicinal and natural remedies in conjunction with chiropractic care. As the inflammation begins to subside one of our spinal specialists will begin to help you strengthen the areas that have become weakened by an injury or illness. In turn, this will allow the potential for complete healing and begins the process toward a pain-free life.

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Our priority is to alleviate any pain you are feeling and heal your injury. If we succeed in this mission you will be able to remain healthy and pain-free.

Many people visit us after a bad accident at work or in a car. You may have a friend who suffered from back or joint pain and has referred you to us. Our patients enjoy the fact that they are treated like a member of the family while they are here.

The rehabilitation programs at our center are unique in the fact that we place special emphasis on improving the disc function in the spine. Over time, we have found that the addition of spinal decompression and specialized chiropractic care has helped in not only restoring spine and core functions, but also speeding recovery to any injured areas throughout the body.

Our focus is the restoration of mobility and function to your spine in an effort to reduce fatigue and pain. In addition to the therapies that we offer, every patient receives exercises and home therapy solutions that will help to speed up recovery if needed. All of these activities are designed to strengthen your spinal and core muscles which in turn aid to your flexibility and activity levels.

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