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Non-surgical Knee Pain Relief

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Knee pain is just a part of aging right? Grin and deal with it, and just hobble along for the rest of your life. Either that, or take a couple months off from life to get knee replacement surgery. Hope for a complication free procedure and the ability to pay for surgery.

If that has been your attitude, we are here to tell you we have come a long way, baby. There are non-surgical ways to give you the rejuvenation of your knees without downtime, surgery, or the astronomical financial costs. And, you are free from the concerns of hospital infections, medical mistakes, and other unsavory risks that worsen many pain sufferers’ knees even more.

Knee-Pain. Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

The New Knee Perspective

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

knee-diagram Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainWhat’s even better is that Squartz involves no costly pharmaceuticals that carry unwanted side effects. The Supartz joint fluid therapy effectively and consistently relieves osteoarthritis knee pain. What the therapy does is reduce inflammation and the pain. It increases your mobility so that you can actually get back to living your life, getting to take part in your regular activities. 

Supartz is a super-purified  Hyaluronic Acid or Hyaluronan, or Sodium Hyaluronate. Hyaluronan is found naturally occurring in the cartilage and synovial fluid of your joints. It is the welcome feature that absorbs shock from impact, say when jumping or running. In healthy joints, Hyaluronan keeps the joints lubricated so there is no friction between bones.

Supartz acts in the absence of missing Hyaluranon to lube joints and cushion the knees from impact. It is an injection that is made directly into the knee. What’s even better is that a total of only 5 weekly injections gives long-lasting relief from pain to restore mobility.

Many patients report that they find relief after the first 3 injections are given. Of course, it takes 5 injections to realize the long-term benefits of treatment. Other patients report that it takes the full 5 injections for them to recover. 

A Trusted Name Worldwide For Decades

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

While it might sound new, Supartz has been used for nearly 30 years now. There have been more than 143 million injections administered. It is the world’s most trusted joint fluid therapy. It has been used around the globe for at least the past 12 years. What’s more is that it is actually harvested from natural sources — rooster combs. It is classified as a visco supplement.

SEAL Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis Issues

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain
Osteoarthritis Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

In osteoarthritis hyaluronate is both changed to subpar quality and its natural production is reduced. The course of treatment is straight forward, though is not the first line of treatment. It actually follows that first pain medication is administered. The patient is required to demonstrate that both physical therapy and exercise have failed.

Supartz has not caused serious anti-inflammatory problems. It is superior to other visco supplements because it is the most similar to actual knee joint hyaluronate.

Supportive Investigational Studies

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Even better than that the manufacturer has proven through investigational studies the length of time that the benefit lasts is approximately 12 months. This is superior to other preparations that are available on the market. The treatment time is rather short in that Supartz only requires 5 injections instead of 3 to extend the time that pain relief is enjoyed. The addition of the extra two injections extends the pain relief by double, or 6 months. Supartz is also the only product that is permitted to claim it can relieve the pain and symptoms up 12 months.

Supportive-Investigational-Studies Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain


300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain
Re-Treatment Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

While Supartz is effective for up to 12 months, it is indicated for re-treatment use when the initial round of therapy finally wears off.  When undergoing treatment, avoid intensive activities such as running, lifting, and sports. It is ill-advised to stand on your feet for long time periods either. If discomfort is experienced, patients are advised to ice the knee.

Supartz is given after anesthetics are injected locally at the site of the knee joint. Over the counter pain medications are all that is required following the injection in the great majority of patients.

Why Take 5 Injections Instead Of 3?

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Many patients ask whether 5 injections are necessary instead of 3. The quick answer is that 5 injections have proven to double the length of long-term pain relief to 12 months. It is significant compared to when only 3 injections are given. Supartz is also the safest of the preparations on the market. It does not cause acute inflammatory reactions. You might have heard it referred to as Hot Knees.

Supartz did devise its own 3-injection course of treatment that is now available. It is also effective in the relief of knee pain. It is still not going to last as long as the results of the 5-injection option.

Supartz-Injection Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Supartz Injection Technique

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain
Injection Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

It is injected into knees using 5 separate injections. The shots are given weekly for 5 weeks on the same day. This is the same long-term  procedure used for the 143 million shots given over the course of nearly 30 years. It is intended to treat people suffering from knee osteoarthritis. The Supartz 5-injection series of injections shows how it is used in the office here.

How It Works: The Process

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Here is a description of techniques of how a knee is injected from the side.

Knee-Examination-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainThe Knee Examination

The knee is looked at to discern parts of the knee, such as the patella’s location  situated on the anterior knee. Then, the patella’s medial border is located based upon the examination.

Injection-Site-Marker-1-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainInjection Site Marker

From there, the site for the planned injection is noted, usually with an easy-to-see marker. It indents skin for a definitive notation of where the injection will occur. This is also determined based upon the knee examination.

sterilization-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainSterilization Of The Site

Next, betadine swabs are swiped on the intended injection site. The betadine will cover at least 6 centimeters in diameter. It should be noted that 3 sticks of betadine are used in the sterilization of the identified injection site. 

Anesthetization-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainSkin Anesthetization

At this point, 3 cc 1% Xylocaine gets injected from a 25 gauge needle. This  anesthetizes the skin, synovium, capsule, as well as the subcutaneous tissue. After waiting 10 minutes the injection site will be fully anesthetized. Waiting this long ensures that the patient enjoys a maximum comfort level while the Supartz is injected.

joint-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

Joint Fluid Aspiration

Another element of discomfort is fluid on the knee. An 18-gauge needle is net used to aspirate excess joint fluid from the knee

Injection-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainSupartz Injection

Then, 2 cc of Supartz is injected into the knee at the marked injection site using a different 18 gauge needle. It is injected directly into the knee joint. The reason an 18-gauge needle is used is to ensure that the Supartz is accurately injected into the knee joint and not around the knee joint or into the soft tissue.

Remove-Betadine-150x150 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee PainRemove Betadine

Finally, the needle with the Supartz is removed. The injection site is then cleared up of Betadine. Then, pressure is applied to the injection site until bleeding has subsided. It is normal for some bleeding to occur, though it is usually minimal. A bandage is then applied and the injection is done. This procedure for the injection of Supartz has been very effective. It has resulted in minimized discomfort over the years.

Day Of Injection Advice

300 Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy For Knee Pain

The day that injections are to occur, the patients are instructed to avoid overusing their knees. It means staying away from excessive walking, or athletics on those days. There is no need to use a crutch or cane, and they are advised that they can bend their knees as they need.

At the end of the course of treatment, when the 5th injection is given, we make a followup appointment at the 6 week point. What is great to see is that by the end of the injection series, the majority of knee-pain sufferers begin to see relief.  Others may find relief only once the series of injections is completed. One extreme is that one patient did not see any relief until the week after their injection series ended, at the 6-week point.

A very small percentage of patients have no pain relief after the administration of the injections. In that case, generally, osteoarthritis is too advanced for treatment with visco supplementation. At that point, we need to acknowledge that Supartz has reached its maximum effectiveness.

Overall, Supartz provides impressive knee pain relief for people who have osteoarthritis. Call us today for an absolutely free consultation. Supartz is your natural, non-pharmacological and non-surgical knee-replacement therapy.

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